“Art is a driver and catalyst for progress. It’s an inspiring force that pushes boundaries and fuels creativity.”

First hearing about NFTs in 2017 during the CryptoKitties era, it wasn’t until January 2020 that he bought his first NFT. Since then, Redlioneye’s dived headfirst into this realm.

It was the market dynamic that first lured him in, but the anti-establishment, punk rebel mentality of the NFT space made him stick. Thousands of NFTs later, he says: “I typically make purchases based on my personal preferences and what I genuinely like. Additionally, there are occasions when I buy something to support a cause or be part of a social movement. And, I also make purchases with an investment perspective in mind.”

The highlight of Redlioneye’s NFT journey is definitely starting Redlion, a project that records NFT history and culture through art and print media in web3. Founded by Redlioneye and Dudly_art, two cryptopunks, in August 2020, the brand consists of various arms, including Redlion News which provides accurate, unbiased news to the NFT community, and Redlion Studios, which is a print media web3 platform and publisher. Their mission is to explore print media as an artform, and make the craft accessible and useful to all.

Apart from being a passionate collector and astute businessman, Redlioneye can also provide a fascinating insight into various aspects of web3, including AI, Generative Art, historic NFTs, and, of course, news and print media.

Redlioneye shares: “Humanity’s progress has demonstrated that the more time we have, the more refined our systems become. A testament to this lies in our continuous efforts to decrease human labor, with AI being a significant leap in that direction. Reducing human labor shouldn’t be viewed as negative, but rather, the inflexibility of our socio-economic systems often portrays it as such.”

Contrary to being a victim of innovation, art is a driver and catalyst for progress. It’s an inspiring force that pushes boundaries and fuels creativity.

Above all, Redlioneye firmly believes that the unyielding curiosity of humanity, combined with the capabilities of machine intelligence, has the potential to shape a utopian world given enough time. “Together, we can pave the way towards a future where challenges are overcome, and human potential is unleashed to its fullest extent,” Redlioneye says.

Not regretting his decision to bid farewell to the seven seas, Redlioneye is excited to live life through print media art and constant curiosity.