Classical art in contemporary settings such as SuperRare seems to be a juxtaposition or a contradiction of intentions. For Azerbaijani artist Zhuk, her mission is precisely that: breaking glass ceilings for art with art.

“I would like my paintings to speak about me instead of me because each has its own mood, message, meaning and part of me. They are my children; I put all my knowledge, emotions and love into them. But they give it all back to me and teach me much.”

She minted her first artwork on Foundation to huge success. She quickly garnered followers, collectors, and other NFT platforms’ attention. She is now featured on SuperRare and has been included in the prestigious TIMEPieces collection and The Royal House of Medici.

“My main mission is to bring the light and inspire others with my art; I think it’s very important,” shares Zhuk. “In my art, I try to convey positive emotions: lightness, freedom, hope and faith in goodness. Even when I portray pain or something negative, I point to the light and give you faith that there’s always a way out. Unfortunately, the world around us is filled with suffering and hardship, and I think that art can be a kind of therapy.”

She was born to a family of artists. “Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by a creative atmosphere, which influenced me deeply. I followed the family tradition and became an artist. Many people ask me about the name ‘Zhuk’ because they think it’s just a pseudonym. However, it’s my grandfather’s real surname. He was the first artist in our family and passed down his knowledge through the generations to me. That means he’s still alive. It means a lot to me. That’s why I’ve decided to use this name in my art career.”

What she loves most about NFT and the NFT space are its empowerment and the opportunities it provides to artists. She adds: “It makes possible the connection between a huge number of talented people all around the world; the chance to meet one-of-a-kind and legendary people. The NFT space is a unique opportunity for any artist to show their art to a huge number of people and receive feedback. I am grateful for all the opportunities that this space gives us. It is amazing.”