The Pseudonymous Boundary Pushers

“It’s crucial for artists to lead a cultural revolution by exploring uncharted territories.”

Trippy Labs has played an invaluable role in forming the broader digital art scene. Founded by Trippy, an esteemed pseudonymous figure in both the digital art world and on the blockchain, who has amassed a considerable following as an artist, curator, and technologist.

As a hyper-selective curator, Trippy is drawn to the lesser-known aspects of NFT culture and has very little interest in art directly linked to or influenced by major brands or celebrities. Developing a keen interest in NFTs as a result of his enduring love and involvement with digital art that spans more than a decade, the blockchain presented Trippy with the opportunity to form a collective around the art he is so passionate about. Via Trippy Labs, he has actualized an experimental incubator that allows for the exploration of new ideas and the pushing of boundaries within the digital art space.

Since diving into the web3 domain, Trippy Labs has played a significant role in several high-profile projects. Two of the most notable initiatives are the ‘FreeRossDAO’ (now known as FREE) project, which involved the imprisoned hero Ross Ulbricht, and UkraineDAO with PussyRiot, which successfully raised a combined $20+ million for charity.

Along with being a SuperRare curator, Trippy Labs has introduced two of their favorite traditional artists, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, to the NFT realm, orchestrating a substantial seven-figure genesis drop.

Trippy Labs firmly believes that artists should engage in daily experimental practices to identify their core values and priorities. They express their disappointment when artists simply mimic popular or profitable styles without pushing the boundaries of what is possible. According to Trippy Labs, it is essential for artists to spearhead a cultural revolution by venturing into unexplored territories.

Trippy Labs finds it challenging to pinpoint their most significant influences, as they draw inspiration from a diverse array of individuals across various fields. This eclectic group includes musicians, artists, philosophers, technologists and regenerative agriculture experts, with notable figures such as Alex Grey, Gurdjieff and William Albrecht among them. This wide-ranging pool of inspiration contributes to the unique and innovative nature of Trippy Labs’ work.