After 15 years as a corporate banker for the world’s largest multinational finance companies, Amrita Sethi jumped into the world of web3 and NFTs in 2020 to completely change her life. Inspired by that change, Amrita’s purpose is to inspire transformation through art and technology and empower impact within people and their communities.

She is the first NFT artist in Dubai and the UAE and the creator of her own art genre called “SoundBYTE’s,” where she combines sound, art, and storytelling technology. “Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse are changing the narrative. With art and technology, anything is possible: the only obstacle is one’s imagination. Time to rewrite the story on how people experience art.”

Amrita’s artwork has been featured by Forbes, CNN, and BBC World News and won numerous accolades and awards. Some of her career highlights were creating live art installations and activations around the world and for Expo 2020 UAE and painting one of the world’s largest and the Middle East’s first, Augmented Reality (AR) murals. Titled “Future NFT Dubai,” Amrita introduced new characters and concepts anchored in the world of NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain on the side of the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), which is in contrast to the traditional centralized banking world. She went on to create the world’s first augmented reality abaya and now regularly combines her art with physical art, sculptures, murals, NFTs, and fashion.

Amrita loves using technology to push the boundaries. She created her own language called “The AlphaBYTEs,” bringing it to life as a physically fractionalized sculpture that came with a digital twin NFT. Her latest venture in virtual reality has seen her create a mindful meditation metaverse experience through VR, where people can go and meditate to a floating crystal in the metaverse while sitting on a floating yoga mat, titled “The CrystalBYTEs.”

Amrita shares: “In the future, we will be able to rewrite how people not only see and experience art but how web3 will completely create a new paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. It will change the game forever. Using technology as my paintbrush, I use interactive tech elements like AR, VR, and artificial intelligence to create new layers of dimension and digital real estate between the physical and digital worlds. This will provide artists, people, and brands with a bigger canvas to play with to communicate their story and impact change.”