“I started exploring anything, from stocks to precious metals, to collectibles – and became a semi- professional poker player.”

Roger Dickerman has charted a trailblazing path across diverse fields, from banking and company development to fitness and community building, before planting his flag in the explosive realm of crypto art. Today, he stands tall as one of the most influential champions of the NFT space, leading the charge into the exciting frontier of digital ownership and creativity.

The ‘three dots’ attracted Roger to web3: art appreciation; finance and business; community and empathy. For Roger, those elements are essential. As a child, he collected trading cards and loved comic books – those are the first dot. He studied business and finance and worked for an international market-making firm – the second dot. He founded a fitness business, which taught him about community and empathy – the final dot.

All three of those dots combine in web3. In 2010 Roger discovered crypto, but only dived in during 2016. A hand of poker ushered him into the world of NFTs. “I started exploring anything, from stocks to precious metals, to collectibles – and became a semi-professional poker player.” He initially found NFTs in 2020 as a token of provenance to an auction house physical sculpture. Their expression across digital art officially ushered him into the world of NFTs.

Roger spotted a snag. “I noticed an informational void out there and kicked off the NFT Origin Stories podcast. I would do one-on-one interviews with artists, asking them where they came from and what they were doing before this?”

Some of these interviews revealed that many of these artists had a rich art history before entering the NFT art space. It sparked an idea…

In May 2021, Roger launched The Artifex Project, a historical time capsule of the digital art NFT space. This project is on its way to including 100 NFT artists that create one-of-one works of art, 3d sculptures, and immersive art experiences. The Artifex Project wants to respect the NFT space by considering all the communities that converge in it: artists, collectors, builders, and fans. The mission is to locate, acquire, and maintain the essence of outstanding digital art for the future.

It will ultimately offer over 10,000 NFTs from over 10 categories that help shape and give the project its incredible structure. The categories are released in waves: Family; Digital Icons; The Future; Pioneers; Sports and Music; Photography and Landscape; Precision; and Concept. Artists included are FVCKRENDER, Coldie, Alotta Money, Micah Johnson, Dave Krugman, and Bryan Brinkman.

What makes this project remarkable is the Artifex. What is an Artifex? It is a 3d sculpture of each artist’s work created by art director DurkAtWork. The sculpture has a roadmap for Metaverse compatibility, AR filters, and more.

Truly mind-blowing. We can’t wait to see what Roger has in store next!