“While he has bought NFTs from renowned artists, he also likes to support the proverbial underdog.”

The Ranch Vault is an enigmatic artist, collector, and thought leader. The Ranch Vault is dedicated to this web3 space. He does a ton of work to uplift artists and is a true patron of crypto art.

He has been in the fashion industry for many years. He got into the web3 space initially through crypto, but very soon after started collecting NFTs. At first, he approached the space as a trader, and got into PFP projects, but that all changed.

Over the course of 2020, he went down the rabbit hole and still hasn’t come out.

He began The Ranch Vault in June 2022, but had already started collecting in 2021. At first, he wanted to shine a light on the artists that he was seeing in the space.

So with The Ranch Vault profile, he started writing about Italian artists in the crypto art space. Soon after, he started writing threads about artists from all over the world and worked on creating meaningful relationships with them.

The Ranch Vault has curated a stunning collection of over 200 artworks in his Vault. He has a great eye for aesthetics and loves finding new artists to support. The Ranch draws inspiration from many dedicated artists. While he has bought NFTs from renowned artists, he also likes to support the proverbial underdog.

He has quickly become a friend of many artists across the globe and is very bullish on the space as a whole.

He has always loved art, fashion, and photography. Not long ago, he began creating stunning abstract photography work and has been actively minting his wonderful creations.

At the moment, he’s curating his own FND World called ‘RESEARCH,’ where he’s trying to bring small artists into the right spotlights.