Isabela Arts


Isabela Arts’ powerful portraits of femininity and passion have reshaped the NFT art space. These bright, bold, and striking artworks convey profound emotion through each piece.

Isabela hails from Brazil where she’s a qualified architect, but her heart lies in art. She’s a devoted artist. “I make bright, feminine, and powerful portraits; my feelings and soul speak through my art,” she said. “I am extremely passionate about expressing myself and my feelings through my art because this is how I can truly get in touch with my vulnerabilities, dreams, and fears and connect with people on a more personal and profound level. I feel like art was just meant to be in my life; it’s how I understand myself and what I want to do for the rest of it.”

NFTs gained prominence and prestige in the art world over the past year. NFTs expanded in the breadth of their creative scope at the same time. Navigating the NFT space as an artist is empowering. For Isabela, the NFT space allows her to work as an artist and serve as a community manager, project builder, and create true social impact while connecting with like-minded people worldwide.

NFT art escapes the shackles of geography. Living on the blockchain has freed Isabela’s art to reach audiences beyond her native Brazil. “I have made so many beautiful connections, so many amazing friends that I will keep for life and cherish forever,” she said. “It’s not an easy ride; it has many ups and downs, but the journey is absolutely incredible, and art makes everything worth it.”

Selling art as a creator is difficult; buyers determine the price of an artwork. For an artist, it is essential to sidestep that inherent trap. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is that sales don’t measure my worth in any way. I suffered and still suffer from a lot of self-doubts; I always had to have a type of validation to feel worthy, and that was no different when I entered this space,” shared Isabela.

She offered more insight and advice: “In the beginning, I felt like if I wasn’t selling my work, it meant that I was useless and that my work wasn’t good. But, the reality is far from that: there’s an audience for everyone in this space, and if you keep creating and showing up, things will eventually happen. You’ll find your audience, and the lack of sales will start to feel natural, especially because the market has cycles, and not always people will be willing to buy your work. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love it.”

Passion runs deep in Isabela’s artwork. The NFT space – and the world – need more artists like her.

Isabela Arts