“Dream big. Become the best artist you can be; never sacrifice your creative process for sales. Authentic art is valuable art.”

“I’m just a simple man with a beautiful dream,” says Gary Sumner. His dream? Uplift the NFT space and all art, artists, creators, collectors, communities, and builders within it.

Gary’s a renowned collector. A lifelong musician, decade-long poet, and artist himself, he sees art from the artist’s perspective. Unique in the space for his combination of artistic and strategic vision, Gary’s built a reputation as a key mentor to help artists and collectives accomplish their goals.

His network comprises thousands of artists and creators, working closely with hundreds. From general consulting to booking exhibitions to editing written profiles and art descriptions to making music for animations: Gary helps wherever he can.

His advice? “Dream big. Become the best artist you can be; never sacrifice your creative process for sales. Authentic art is valuable art,” he shares. “But the other side of success in NFTs is a networking style of business. It really helps to be persistent and consistent on Twitter; join the right Discord groups; and make and keep friendships with other great artists and collectors.”

Having been an early crypto adopter, Gary has been around the block through every single market cycle to date. His advisory roles for blockchain projects, asset management company experience, and crypto due diligence business give him useful insights into the current NFT market, which he explains is still largely dependent on crypto market cycles and psychology.

Bridging both the art and collectibles markets, he began collecting NFTs in their early days and has curated one of the most extraordinary collections since. He focuses not on the value of the art but on artists.

His link-in-bio site,, is a treasure trove of the space. His primary gallery, Sendrock’s Pod, ‘floats high up in the clouds, and there is rumored to exist a bridge between one-of-one art & 10k collections…’ To look further into his collecting habits, check out the Sendrock Genesis Gallery, Sendrock PhotoGenesis Gallery, and Nude Neighborhood’s Monuments of Grace inside Punk 6529’s Open Metaverse.

On the horizon for Sendrock is a budding foundation for the arts, which will initially include grants, exhibition opportunities, and even a 100-acre retreat center and artist/musician residency program, which will help spur the creative spirit of collaboration in this space in an idyllic setting.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about giving talented, passionate people their chance to shine and be seen on the global scale,” says Gary, “and there has never been an opportunity like the one we are experiencing right now in the young and vibrant NFT space… the Renaissance of the modern day.”