A Passion for Fashion

“I try to treat all my collectors the same – like I would my friends.”

Drawing inspiration from high-end fashion labels like Prada and Dior, Yugal’s work is held in high regard by his peers and collectors. A multi-dimensional artist, he first entered the NFT space in September 2020. It wasn’t long before the twentysomething-year-old creative’s enthralling work amassed quite a following.

His collection, ‘Dreamers,’ explores the journey between fashion and technology, oozing futuristic eminence, each piece as rousing as the one before.

Did his swift acceptance into SuperRare impact his NFT journey? Yugal confirms: “It’s been extremely important to my growth in the community. When I got in, it was still a very big deal – a status symbol of sorts. It definitely helped me in my growth and my only goal when I first started.”

Yugal’s collectors are in for a treat. In addition to gaining ownership of a sought-after design, everyone who buys an NFT also has a 60cm x 80cm metal print shipped to them.

Building relationships with his collectors has been paramount to Yugal’s success in web3. “The connections I have made with my collectors are amazing,” he explains. “They have been extremely supportive. I try to treat all my collectors the same – like I would my friends.”

An avid collector himself, Yugal’s first investments included pieces by OFT and Mando. His current strategy is simple: buying what he likes from artists he thinks are doing an exemplary job. AI has had a significant impact on the collective creative industry thanks to programs such as DALL-E 2, Mid Journey, and Stable Diffusion. Not yet an AI adopter himself, Yugal accedes to its value as an assistive tool. On a personal level, however, he prefers to find his inspiration elsewhere, where his creative processes are not impeded.

Now a digital artist living in Dubai, Yugal spent two years in the USA furthering his studies in advertising. Prior to focusing on his artistic endeavors, he spent his time doing COD edits.

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