“Collect things that move you.”

AC The Collector, as his name gives away, is one of the blockchain’s most renowned collectors. He has a deep passion for art – and exploring all the new and known methods for collecting art.

AC learned at a very early age to “collect things that move you.” As a youngster, his family traveled often, and he would collect art as memories from their vacations. Collecting notable memories is something AC describes as a critical experience at a young age, as it required him to filter and curate artworks that would have lasting meaning to him.

His first forays into crypto came as a Bitcoin miner in 2015– running a large Bitcoin mine in his aerospace warehouse, where friends and family were invited to host their miners. AC described himself as a Bitcoin maximalist during this time but had a strong conviction that critical real-world data and value would find a way to become represented on-chain.

AC missed out on the earliest days of NFTs mainly due to this maximalism, he says, “I was too busy being an Ethereum skeptic to claim crypto punks or play around with crypto kitties.” Around the time of COVID, AC states, “I knew aerospace would be in a hard spot, so I started paying attention to my crypto holdings again. This recalibration allowed me to give DeFi and early NFTs their due respect.”

AC’s earliest generative art purchase was in 2019 and was not an NFT, but a Tyler Hobbs pen-plotted work called “Quietude” purchased from his friend and esteemed curator Sofia Garcia. From this moment, AC expanded his interest in generative art and began learning many of the names in generative art before the Art Blocks era.

“Once I learned the Art Blocks creation and distribution model, all these half-baked ideas I had for on-chain asset representation clicked in line.” He didn’t need physical certificates for prints, he just needed the token in his wallet. “It made me feel like Bitcoin in 2013,” he says, “That kind of led me to land-grab a lot of these generative art projects in early 2021, which are now viewed as iconic Art Blocks collections.”

AC is now a partner at 6529 Capital, running the generative art strategy. Since their inception in early 2022, 6529 Capital’s NFT funds have collected some of the most known and loved works in the digital art movement. AC is proud to be part of a platform “patroning many artists’ careers and being an available resource.” With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, AC The Collector stands as a true leader in the NFT art world.