“At Vayner3, we’re taking a more expansive view of web3 as the next iteration of connected consumer behavior, enabling a more ownable, immersive, and personalized internet.”

Avery Akkineni is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but she moved in 2012 to Northern California to pursue her dreams. Akkineni, located in San Francisco at the time, landed a job at Google during the peak of web2.

“I worked on different products within Google, and I then worked on YouTube and DoubleClick,” said Avery. “I worked across their suite of products in different roles for almost seven years.” Avery left her role at Google and joined VaynerMedia as a vice president of their media team. She then moved to Singapore with her husband in 2019 to build VaynerMedia Asia.

In July 2021, Avery launched the VaynerX consultancy, Vayner3, alongside serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. In less than twelve months, Avery successfully led the expansion of the consultancy to 50+ global web3 experts in a remote-first environment. Vayner3 has successfully advised organizations on strategic web3 initiatives across cryptocurrency applications, NFT program development, and immersive digital experiences.

Vayner3 is a web3 consultancy firm that specializes in guiding the world’s largest enterprises and intellectual property owners in navigating the next iteration of consumer behavior and the internet. Vayner3’s mission is to help its clients understand the potential of these emerging technologies and leverage them to achieve their business goals. Vayner3’s team includes experts in marketing, strategy, and technical experts in web3 technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrency. The consultancy provides a wide range of services, including strategic consulting, project management, education, and technical development.

Since the launch, Avery has led dozens of programs and partnerships with Fortune 500 brands as they make their first foray into web3. “We’ve done so many different and exciting initiatives with many of our clients, for example: cross PepsiCo brands, whether Pepsi or Gatorade or Cheetos, and with the fashion brand, Coach,” said Avery. “At Vayner3, we’re taking a more expansive view of Web3 as the next iteration of connected consumer behavior, enabling a more ownable, immersive, and personalized internet. We’re in the very early innings of what this massive shift will unlock over the coming years.”

Avery is definitely a thought leader in the space – helping to shape, guide, and build the future of the web3 ecosystem. Incredible work so far – we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!