Artists have embraced the NFT space. No longer the playground solely of programmers and coders, the blockchain’s made it possible for creatives to xpress themselves in new ways – and monetize their art. NFTs are not solely about money, though.

“I’m an energy healer. I move through this space with a high energy frequency and vibration,” describes world-renowned artist and graphic designer Ali Sabet. His NFT character art and collections are now storming the NFT world. Ali’s artworks and collections have created a flourishing community of like-minded people passionate about creativity fuelled by optimism and love.

As a young child, Ali fled war-torn Iran for the United States. Always passionate about art and creativity, Ali graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1998 with an education in communications/advertising. His creativity and panache for branding saw him quickly climb the corporate ladder to rise to Art Director at a large advertising agency. Ali launched his own brand agency and continues to converge the art world with his branding work.

His work shines with vibrant optimism, love and authentic beauty. “My influences are not traditional – they are inspirations of energy,” said Ali. “My work transformed to expressing love, gratitude and source energy. I was never concerned about learning how to paint particular things; it was just a way to release and escape the complexities of life. I love experimenting with different mediums and materials. I discovered that Japanese brushes and Sumi Ink were the core of what made my work the most fluid, explosive and expressive. This new medium allowed me to master continuous fluid motions with expressive strokes. I’m always connected when I’m painting. My brushes and medium are extensions of my body, and allow the energy that flows to be expressed with passion and love.”

Ali’s creativity is infused with Japanese culture. From his love of Japanese cuisine, mastery of karate, and enthusiasm for Japanese character art, to the use of the Japanese brush: his NFT collections and collaborations are ingrained with the traditional Japanese essence of art.

The Japanese art scene confirmed this by inviting him to show his artwork at the Tokyo International Art Show in 2016.

For Ali, NFTs are deeply powerful. “It gives me the ability to create platforms and launch paths for my character-based projects (such as Tokyo punks, Ugly Kiddies, and Pixel Pop). NFTs offer a new dimension of creativity: even my time-lapses of artworks being made are artworks in themselves when combined with music.”

Optimism and love underscore this space for Ali: “I feel like what we are doing is just in its infancy. What the future holds for NFTs, I don’t know, but I have a feeling that there won’t be one person connected to the internet that won’t be interacting with some sort of NFT in their life.”