Inspired by the original

IrishNFTGal makes original NFT art. “I joined NFTs at first as a painter,” she recalls. “I have a lot of canvases, and animal portraits are what I do best. I love dogs and horses so much. I love everything about people and being able to give something that is already alive in the world a cartoonish feel. My style is unique.”

She’s created a strong following in her community and avid collectors of her art. She’s also proudly part of two incredible communities, CryptoSkulls & V1 Punks. With a background in marketing and UX, she has an obvious love of new technology. She came across NFTs on TikTok, and after exhaustive research, she jumped into the space. She says, “I already knew about crypto, so it was easier for me to go straight into NFTs, but I still liked doing my research.”

When not creating, she works as a consultant for other artists and projects in the NFT space. She has helped many Irish artists who she admires. “They’re still a bit wary of the space, so I give them some important advice and set their minds at ease.”

She still thinks that a physical piece is better in person than it will ever be as an NFT. “Not every collector will want the physical as well, but I think it’s nice to give them the option. Recently, I met up with one of my top NFT collectors and gave it to him in person because I figured, why ship it when I can just make an effort to meet up? I would never see a collector as a customer. Especially if they have your physical piece.”

IrishNFTGal’s enthusiasm is brilliant. She recently launched a free NFT course on Udemy about self-custody – and offers group workshops to onboard new people into web3. She thinks bringing connections from everywhere into the NFT space is vital. For instance, influencers have a significant impact on how decisions are made. “They have a lot of power over people in general today. I like and dislike it. Especially in a market as crazy as the cryptocurrency market. You’ll lose everything if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

IrishNFTGal is making history every day. Join her movement!