“Whenever you find a feather, it is a token from the Angels…”

“I collect works that timestamp an important moment in the history of cryptoart. I like to collect those artists that have energy, that I feel are alive and real.”

TokenAngels is a self-described ‘Lone Wolf Collector,’ and their Twitter bio shares a quote: “Whenever you find a feather, it is a token from the Angels…”

This collector and web3 angel investor has been actively supporting artists in the space since its inception. With a keen eye for talent and a deep appreciation for the transformative potential of NFT art, TokenAngels has become one of the industry’s most well-known and respected collectors.

“I come from a family of antiquities collectors that spent many weekends at fairs and exhibitions,” they share. “When I started to travel alone, I began to search for the underground scene in each city, looking for interesting artists.”

Web3 makes it easier. “The best thing in this space is that there are no barriers between artists and collectors. The communication is very easy and direct, and this helps to understand better their works, support them, and create strong relations.”

This approach has led TokenAngels to curate an impressive collection of NFT art, including ‘Right Place & Right Time’ by Matt Kane, and kickstarted the first artist-collector project, Volatility.Art, where the main programmable artwork would generate 210 pieces over ten years in a partnership where the artist and collector share the emotional and financial returns.

The most prized piece in his collection is ‘HomerPepe,’ the most historically significant artwork in this space, believes TokenAngels. Looking to the future, TokenAngels envisions a world with billions of galleries displaying digital art in every location, from streets and airports to trains, shops, and houses. However, TokenAngels also recognizes the challenges facing the NFT art world, including the need to reduce the impact of influencers and scammers and the importance of developing a killer display that collectors will widely adopt to show off their collections and artworks.

“If you are a collector, then talk with artists and enjoy your journey,” says TokenAngels. “Collect what gives you emotions and the artists that you feel to have something in common with. If you are a flipper, keep listening to your preferred influencer and get ready to get rekt.”

TokenAngels is an influential collector and voice in the space. “My dream is to see more independent critical thinking among collectors and artists, fewer influencers, and fewer money-grab projects.”

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