“I am not here to sell art. I am here to share my art. If I can share my craft with as many people as possible, that’s what I want to do forever.”

Born a creative, Manfredi Caracciolo is as inspired as it comes. The 24-year-old from Mantova, Italy, creates 3d art using bold shapes and futuristic color combinations. His art is graphical and composition-oriented, influenced with a strong focus on lighting.

Manfredi has a degree in classical guitar and has always loved music, playing music, and creating music. In his teens, he dabbled in electronic music and started creating cover art. Other musicians then drafted him to create their cover art. “I started to really, really enjoy that process of illustration and design,” Manfredi shares. “I questioned myself about a future in digital art ever since – and I pursued graphic design.”

After his period at university, Manfredi started working with a music label as its art director. He developed a passion for art and fell in love with the people in the field.

“I discovered NFTs after reading an article about it on Twitter, and in January 2021, I minted my first NFT. The thing about my art is that I never changed my processes for NFTs – I just limit myself to a selection of the best ones. My first interactions on web3 were meaningful and gave me pause to think about the future, and it encouraged me to continue with this path.”

He explains: “I am not here to sell art. I am here to share my art. If I can share my craft with as many people as possible, that’s what I want to do forever. I would love to do it forever; it’s just perfect.”

Manfredi is now a web3 advocate. The concept of digital ownership changed his perception and drew him into this revolution. “It feels like I’ve always known it was something that the world needed, but like we could never say it out loud; it never felt like it could happen. I am super excited about the future of digital ownership.”

As a technology, Manfredi is convinced that blockchain and its other tools will stay. As people’s lives become increasingly digitally oriented and intertwined with virtual words and their digital selves, Manfredi believes that digital ownership becomes significant for the progress of society.

This young Italian artist wants to shout out: “I want to shout out my friends Raging Taz, Ellende, Cat Russell, Danil Pan, and AGAH, the spaghetti community for all their support, love, and friendship.”

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