Von Doyle


It is impossible to ignore Von Doyle’s disruptive remastering of the old masters. He burst onto the NFT space and shook the art community with his artistic style and voice.

It all started when he acquired his first NFT, an enthralling piece by Leo Zeba, on SuperRare in March 2021. Today, Von Doyle’s authentic creativity echoes throughout web3.

Not fastidious by nature, Von Doyle collected NFTs across several platforms before stumbling across Hic Et Nunc and falling in love with the community as much as he did the art.

His own work, sporting titles such as ‘Slashing the Beast,’ ‘Stages of Dementia’ and ‘Nude Sleepers’ is arrestive, thought-provoking, and sometimes just faintly perturbing.

Almost brazen about using AI in his work, Von Doyle employs a convoluted process to create his startling pieces. “For me, it is very interesting to use AI as a disruptive tool. With the advancement of AI, there is so much you can do with it. I don’t just use one tool. I love mixing them up – Photoshop, Mid Journey, Dalle, After Effect, etc.” He also rates experimenting with deep learning, deep dream codes, and neural networks in PyTorch/Python as one of his favorite techniques.

With many notable projects and collaborations under the belt, including curating real-life NFT exhibitions, Von Doyle regards creating a cover for Vanity Fair as one of the most surreal. Von Doyle has accumulated more than 1,400 pieces of digital art. Is he intentional about curating his own collection? He says: “I’m a big collector, and I like important pieces. I put a third of everything I make back into the community. I buy as much of what I like as I can. Maybe someday I’m going to put it somewhere.”

Majoring in Fine Arts and Film Production at Concordia University, Von Doyle started his journey in experimental cinema at the age of 13. His descent into the world of digital art provides him with the freedom of expression he yearned for while earning a living.

A true creator at heart, Von Doyle envisions a solid future for digital art, stating that regardless of some people leaving the space, there will always be someone creating art and buying it.

Von Doyle