Exciting Potential

The NFT space will shift towards people valuing exclusive access and real-life utility. This NFT movement is revolutionizing the concept of clubs and communities. I believe that NFTs provide ACCESS and that each person’s NFT wallet should be filled with ACCESS.

I had a crazy experience and feeling when I attended my first NFT party. I had to actually show that I owned the correct NFT to get into the venue. The very same thing that will happen to the crypto space will occur to the NFT space: slowly, the projects with zero real-world use cases and just hype will fade away. What will be left will be the projects solving a real-world problem and/or carrying some form of genuine value with their offering.

NFTs will also provide the underlying technology for real-world things, such as medical records, tickets of any sort, digital IDs, and more.

I firmly believe NFTs will continue to change the game for artists worldwide while rewarding real talent. I cannot wait until the space gets cleaned up regarding shedding the scams and rug pulls. In the next five years, the NFT space will be completely transformed into one of massive growth, talent, and endless opportunities.

As a crypto and NFT content creator, I’ve seen many NFT collections come and go. I use my social following (over 1.4 million people) to educate people on crypto and NFTs every day.

Ultimately, I am excited to see what people will build in the coming years and which projects will survive and fade away. It is only time until the regulators such as the SEC step in to stem the illegal activities of the few, regulating the space and adding another layer of confidence for newcomers. It’s going to be a crazy road, and I am happy to be a part of it.