“The better the relationship is, the more you can help each other out.”

Kenshiro is a security-conscious introvert who fiercely protects his digital identity, keeping it completely separate from his real persona.

He especially likes the anonymity that web3 offers: “People can’t judge you based on your gender or your skin color – all that doesn’t matter. You’re just like a monkey picture. And people just judge you based on the quality of your ideas.”

He does find, however, that there is a certain amount of snobbery based on PFP ownership, much like the materialism of the real world: “You go into a chat with a random PFP or you go into a chat with a high-value PFP, and people respond differently, which I don’t think is a good thing, but it works like that in the real world too.”

Given that anti-materialistic stance, it’s no surprise that Kenshiro is also anti-establishment – especially anti-government – and organized banking, so the moment he read the Bitcoin White Paper it resonated with him. He shares: “I said to myself, ‘This is absolutely mind-blowing, and it totally makes sense. Digital ownership. Definitely. Decentralization…”

It’s the transparency of crypto that appeals to him and the freedom to move currency around at will. As a collector, he believes that his unique skill set is being able to move between art and PFP. His hesitancy to openly engage in the NFT community meant that initially, he would just buy pieces without speaking to the artist. Now, he realizes that he can find friends and business partners through the connections he makes.

Kenshiro has also now become something of a mentor to artists, finding some on Instagram that he is able to onboard into NFTs and helping others with pricing strategies.

“The better the relationship is, the more you can help each other out,” he says.

He believes that today’s collectors and artists are making great investments and are the innovators of the future.

“It’s a cliche that we’re so early, and the fact that you are here, that you found it this early, if you stick with it, even just the next bull market – whether that’s in a month or five years – if you hang in there, this is it.”

Kenshiro has a knack for buying into the right pieces at the right time, so we think that advice is solid.