Untitled Army


Untitled Army is the broken pieces of the Brazilian artist, Lucas Camargo. He obsessively draws the stream of life and whatever things come to mind. Incredibly cool, lovable 3d characters typify his NFT art style.

“The characters are simple – on purpose,” shares Lucas. “I want to keep them uncomplicated. I want people to be part of the experience: when they see the characters, they start to see other things that I – as an artist or other viewer – may not. When you see the characters, with naked eyes, without context, you can infer your own meaning and draw deeper meaning from the focus of the art.”

Lucas left his home country Brazil to settle in Brooklyn, New York, to pursue a career in advertising. After years in creative and art director roles and losing the love for his work, he pivoted his career into 3d animation. He eventually quit his ad agency job and fell headlong into an animation studio, Roof Animation.

Life threw another curveball his way: a divorce. As a lifelong artist, he sat in coffee shops with his sketchbooks to express his feelings, thoughts and ideas through drawings. Slowly those drawings transformed from abstract items into human figures.

Lucas discovered the NFT space in 2019 but never engaged with it as an artist until 2021. “It took me a while to wrap my head around the space. I love technology and diving into new things, but I took my time to get over the hype and understand the space, and when I was ready, I joined communities. When I started in the NFT space, I wanted to connect with something meaningful to me. Doing art is for my sake, for being alive. The NFT space allows me to be me and do the art that I am passionate about.”

With that context, Untiled Army’s NFTs are indeed the broken pieces of Lucas’ life – and the glue that restores his life and happiness.

Untitled Army