Zak Krevitt


“An artist and activist at an early age, Zak has been a strident supporter of the LGBTQ+ community in web3 and beyond.”

Zak Krevitt was born to be a storyteller. Their photographic journey began in high school, creating elaborate portraits with friends and diving headfirst into events and editorials. After years of pursuing photography as a hobby, Zak went to the School of Visual Arts in NYC to pursue photography full-time. Eventually, they would land major articles in publications like the New York Times, VICE, W Magazine, The Fader, and more. After time spent as a ‘working’ photographer, Zak eventually decided that their passion was in fine art and began to focus on their personal practice while expanding into various other mediums such as code, AI, and generative, node-based production.

Zak got into crypto in March 2020 and would love discovering the NFT space and its cast of characters. At the time, Zak was working alongside Diana Sinclair, and the two encouraged each other to explore the web3 space more. Once in the space, Zak saw that his friend from college, Justin Aversano, was making waves in the NFT world.

A long-time activist for the queer community, Zak entered the NFT space eager to support and galvanize underrepresented communities. Their first collection on Foundation was released as a fundraiser to support BTFA Collective (Black Trans Femmes in the Arts), the NFTs became embroiled in a heated bidding war on the Trans Day of Remembrance and would go on to raise 11 ETH for the cause.

Zak’s ‘Gearheads’ collection explores queer subcultures of tactical full-body gear coverage, a subculture that they found fascinating and exciting. Originally created in 2017 and edited as NFTs in 2021, the series asks questions about what it means to be human in the modern age and what it means to alter that basic structure at your own hand.

Recently, Zak has been focusing on AI, a practice they find liberating and expansive. After being introduced to Dalle-2 by Claire Silver at dinner, Zak dove headfirst into other AI tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Deforum. After making representational work for so many years, the abstract capabilities of AI captivated Zak’s practice and would open up new realms for him to explore artistically and conceptually.

Zak has helped produce several exciting milestones in the web3 space, including the first annual Digital Diaspora, The QMoDA Artist Grant, CryptoQueers, and more. Zak runs QMoDA, the Queer Museum of Digital Art, and is the head of curation at Zora.

Zak Krevitt