“The main purpose of my art is to help you to connect your inner child to the adult version of yourself and once again find the carefreeness you had as kid.”

Bastien’s mesmerizing 3d artwork all but blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. Ever since officially trading in his day job in economics to pursue his artistic endeavors, the 20-something Praguer has impressed with his somewhat satirical take on everything from the 1990s and 2000s pop culture to modern-day web3 references.

Bastien was no stranger to the blockchain when he first jumped into the NFT space in March 2020. After briefly testing the waters (and burning his first two pieces), he took a brief hiatus, returning more determined than ever before six months later.

His genesis piece on SuperRare, ‘Walk with Me,’ is the epitome of his creative intent: to impart melancholic feelings and nostalgic nuances through 3d art. He elaborates: “I decided that I want to try this cartoon style in 3d. So I did something. It was of this Game Boy Advance accompanied by some photos of NFTs and Xanax pills. It was a reflection of the bear market that we were in back in the day.”

He followed his first release with titles such as ‘Skate,’ ‘Arcade World,’ and ‘Liquidity Pool’ – each telling a story different from (but not wholly unlike) its predecessors.

How does Bastien feel about the rise of AI and the potential impact it can have on digital art? He shares: “I think that there will be a certain point in the future where we get to a crossroad where the art just separates. If you want to collect AI art, you will go in one direction; if you want to collect more traditional web3 art, you will go in the other.”

Although he is a late bloomer by typical standards, Bastien has amassed a supportive following on social media and beyond. He’s not one to divulge too much about his future plans, but Bastien does hint at some exciting collabs that will keep him busy in the near future.