“Interleave aims to bring NFT education to a global scale, an essential aspect for the mass adoption of web3.”

“The Metaverse is a time where we transcend the next level of digital immersion. And, to retain the concept of ownership as we have on this earth for thousands of years, NFTs are the answer for the Metaverse.”

Having worked as a graphic designer in the esports industry, Loopify has been captivated by the digital world for some time. The big difference now is that the Metaverse and NFTs offer decentralized capabilities to improve society. From privacy regulations and ownership autonomy to diverse communities budding all over the world, we are in an exciting phase of life where technology and web3 encourage creativity to be the answer for economic gain. If we see full mass adoption, it will transcend society to an interconnected world where payments take seconds, not days; and artists regain the financial and distribution power of their creations.

Loopify is at the forefront of spreading awareness about the many wonders of blockchain technology. His regular mailers, labeled ‘The Loop News,’ boast over 3,000 subscribers and showcase NFT-related news and analysis of the current climate. Then, there’s his creation of the awe-inspiring, ‘Interleave.’ This aims to bring NFT education to a global scale, an essential aspect for the mass adoption of web3.

Moving away from spreading the good word about NFTs and blockchain, Loopify also has deep ties in building the future as Founder and CEO of Endless Clouds. “I am currently building Endless Clouds, and that is building Treeverse, a mobile MMORPG that incorporates NFTs by allowing users to tokenize items.”

As impressive as the digital sphere is, not enough people know about the endless possibilities and effects it can have on the real world. Instead, people are blinded by complex systems and scared off by complicated words. With more individuals like Loopify informing the world about these digital ecosystems’ good intentions being built on the foundations of community, we would see far more people entering the digital sphere by the millions.