“People need help; artists need good people around them.”

PFPs are perfect for digital identity. I think this will be the future for PFP. Choose the one you relate with and prepare to rock it for a long time.

The thing with collecting NFTs – especially PFP collections – is don’t fall for social pressures. Instead, buy what you love; do not be caught up in trying to use PFPs as a status symbol. Focus on buying art you love.

When I first entered the NFT space, it was a different feeling and a different place. It has since matured and evolved so much and will ever evolve. There are so many groups, people, and aspects to enjoy in the NFT space, and I try to immerse myself in as many as possible.

My journey in the NFT world has shifted. I collect a lot of art now. That’s where the longevity and sustainability of the digital art world will lie. I’m betting on artists and creating a hell of a collection in the meantime. I’ve become friends with most of the artists I collect. This relationship is the best part of the NFT space.

Working with some of the best animators in the space has taught me a lot. My love of animation and community building has grown greatly from my work experiences. Many artists in the space don’t have teams, and knowing how much work it takes to be successful in the space has made me realize that artists need help; artists need good people around them.

My experiences have shaped my perspective of artists and influenced my collecting too. Today I see my collecting more as creating friendships and deeper relationships with artists: I want to bet on them for the long term, and I want them to be in space long term. I think the growth of the digital art space will be astronomical over the next decades.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from DeeKay Motion, Adam Ape, SlimJim – and many other artists I’ve become friends with – web3 is all about the artist community taking over and being in charge of their own futures. It feels really cool to be part of that as a collector and as a friend. This space will undoubtedly change the world.