Julia Sky


“The layers of this piece were made out of spontaneity and opened a lot of opportunities.

Chicago-based NFT artist Julia Sky creates mesmerizing digital art, combining photography, animation, and music. Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she has always been adaptable and curious, using her experiences to evolve her artistic style. She draws inspiration from experimental fashion to film, music, and beyond. As a result, her art hypnotizes!

Julia Sky’s journey in the NFT space started in 2021 when she was drawn in by the innovative smart contracts used by 3D artists and decided to try her hand at it. She was fascinated by the technology and saw it as a way to showcase her work in a new and exciting way. Her debut in the NFT space came in October 2021 with her Genesis Living Art piece “Ascension,” combining her photography, animation, and music uniquely and captivatingly.

Her defining project in the NFT space is “Driftin,’” which she considers one of the most personal and spontaneous pieces she’s ever created. The photoshoot was done during a phase in her life when she sang in bars and photographed models. The music production was a collaboration with Genzo Rubin in Seattle (@genzomusic), a multi-platinum Grammy-winning producer, with the song melody written and recorded by Julia herself. The animation and edits came together during a time of stillness, with the purple tones and whirling smoke giving the piece a haunting yet beautiful quality. “Driftin’” was a huge success, opening up opportunities for Julia Sky to showcase her work in galleries and landing her a spot on SuperRare.

When asked about her artistic process, Julia Sky emphasizes the importance of forming a community with other artists and collectors. She suggests following your interests, protecting your assets, and learning as much as you can about NFT culture by joining Twitter spaces. She also stresses the importance of being authentic and true to yourself, which sets your work apart. “I’ve learned to follow my gut and stay true to myself. Trends come and go, but I want to be able to create something honest within myself,” she reflects.

She is constantly evolving and growing her art, inspired by her experiences and the world around her. Through “Driftin,'” she has proven her ability to create personal and spontaneous works that leave a lasting impression on those who see them.

Julia Sky