Jeremy Booth


“Artwork allowed me to distr act myself during a difficult time in my life and find my voice.”

Many know Jeremy Booth for his distinct and unique style in Western-themed artistry. His shadows, detail, and ability to create vivid, cinematic scenes has captivated art collectors and cemented him as a leading creator in the digital space.

What many may not know is roughly a decade ago Jeremy suffered seizures. Doctors discovered a mass on his brain, but after surgery to remove the mass, he was seizure-free. However, during those rough months, his distraction was art. It was in those times that he forged his voice and style as an illustrator and artist. He shares: “Artwork allowed me to distract myself during a difficult time in my life and find my voice.”

Before the emergence of NFT art, Jeremy loved seeing art in the physical realm, but his interests quickly evolved. “I love physical artwork, but with NFTs and blockchain technology, I can create digital artwork that connects with people everywhere around the world. It’s more accessible and less restrictive than physical art can be.”

He launched into the NFT art space in early 2021 with a philosophy for creating bold illustrations that cause collectors to pause, think, and consider a deep range of themes and human emotion.

This Kentucky, United States-based artist loves storytelling through beautiful visuals. His artistic process starts with rough sketches, thumbnails, and using the Procreate tool. Starting with a monochromatic palette of shades of gray, black, and white, he then forms the scene and carefully considers which colors will be added to the mix.

Jeremy has worked with brands like Amazon, Apple, Robinhood, Slack, Warby Parker, Orange, ADP, Charles Schwab, CNES, and Invision. At one point, Jeremy went brand-side and joined Coinbase as a product illustrator. Jeremy started his art journey as a graphic designer, learning and experimenting with Photoshop before falling in love with Adobe Illustrator. He’s now exactly where he wants to be, creating meaningful art for his community.

To succeed in the NFT art space, Booth believes artists need to show up every day. “That GM culture is strong. It’s deeply embedded in the NFT space. Show up. Do your best work to meet the goals and desires of your heart. The rest will fall into place.”

Jeremy Booth