Irony and Inquiry

“I’ve always placed a premium on aesthetic experience; therefore I’ve always made time for art and creative pursuits.”

Ox3y3 has spent his entire life as a creator, builder, entrepreneur, and self-described “nerd.” Over the past two years, he has devoted himself to web3 – full degen – to foster the growth of several communities. His journey to web3 is unique.

As a kid, his insatiable curiosity prompted him to dabble in a wide variety of occupations and pastimes. After studying journalism and philosophy at college, 0x3y3 spent some years traveling and farming in the rainforest before moving on to launching restaurants. He shares: “It was a natural move to bring the farm to the table, and I found a lot of joy in the creative expression that can be found in the kitchen.”

He opened a bicycle shop next – and created a section for an art gallery. A series of events led him and his wife to co-manage a nonprofit sculpture garden while living aboard a sailboat in a shipyard, then launch a business designing and building IRL objects large and small for artists and architects. Random.

“I’ve always placed a premium on aesthetic experience; therefore I’ve always made time for art and creative pursuits,” he recalls. “Living with Rebecca (my wife), who is a painter and philosopher, has allowed that part of me to really flourish.”

In late 2020, with some free time on his hands, he dove headfirst into the cryptocurrency market. That was his introduction to NFTs, too. His interest grew as he sought to understand the connection between the conceptual and abstract minimalist work he loves and the burgeoning generative art movement. He says: “The fact that you can build communities around art and art experience and help create living wages for artists around the world is the most fascinating thing I learned when I started using web3.”

Using his expertise in AutoCAD and 3d modeling software, 0x3y3 creates stunning works of digital art. “I was encouraged by many outstanding members of the cryptoart community to translate my skills in the architectural environment into these short GIF works that I call “microcinema.” Within this deliberately limited medium, I seek to cast a reflexive lens on our changing technological world, society, and shifting sense of nostalgia.”

0x3y3’s art is equal parts ironic and inquisitive, exploring the screen-mediated aesthetic and social experience that now define our lives. It has made him famous in the NFT space – and his artworks are eagerly anticipated by fans and collectors alike.