Devi Parikh


“Part of my work is on developing AI that can enhance human creativity – give people new tools for creative expression.”

Devi Parikh is an AI researcher and a generative artist based in San Francisco. She’s always had a passion for creative expression; from a young age, she was drawn to the art world and has been honing her craft ever since.

Her journey into the world of generative art began in early 2018. Soon after, she joined a Slack community for generative artists. Through these conversations, she was first introduced to the buzz around NFTs in early 2021 and became curious.

Since then, she’s made a name for herself in the NFT space with projects such as “Confluences on BrainDrops” and “Cushions on Art Blocks.” Both projects showcase her unique style, characterized by vibrant colors, geometric patterns, symmetries, and crisp textures that coexist with organic shapes.

She describes her inspiration and creative process: “I maintain an ever-growing list of ideas – ranging from minor tweaks to an existing project to entirely new projects or styles. My process involves starting with an idea, prototyping the core of it to see if it feels right, and then iterating, iterating, iterating. The joy and mystery are in seeing where the iterations lead. I get energy out of creative expression. Some of it is through my art – both digital and analog. Some of it is through my research in AI. In fact, the two intersect – part of my work is on developing AI that can enhance human creativity – give people new tools for creative expression.”

Devi’s advice is simple for artists looking to get into the NFT space: “Give it a shot! Don’t stress over it or obsess over it. If it works out, that’s a bonus! If it doesn’t, you’re still making art.”

In addition to her work in the NFT space, Devi is also an accomplished artist in other mediums. She makes macrame and origami, and maintains a physical sketchbook filled with kawaii doodles, zentangles, mandalas, paper cutting, and sketches.

Devi’s work in AI research also intersects with her artistic pursuits. She is currently working on developing AI that can enhance human creativity by giving people new tools for creative expression.

This multifaceted artist constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible with her art. Whether through her NFT projects, her macrame and origami creations, or her research in AI, she is continually exploring new ways to express herself and inspire others to do the same.

Devi Parikh