Breaking Boundaries in the Digital World

“Indonesian artists have a particular style in their art, and Diela’s art elevates it to another level.”

Diela is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the NFT world and a leader in the Indonesian art space. She is a physical artist and illustrator and has worked as an illustrator for the past 15 years in her country. Her talent has transcended her geographic location: she’s collaborated with brands like Apple, Instagram, and Samsung.

Indonesian artists have a particular style in their art, and Diela’s art elevates it to another level. “Indonesian artists use vibrant colors, patterns, and details,” Diela explains. “Maybe it is because we see it in our traditional patterns and fabrics.” Many contemporary artists incorporate this aesthetic in a modern way, and it is evident in Diela’s artworks that she’s truly inspired and passionate about her cultural heritage and culture.

This artist has a complex process for creating her art. “Before digitals, I used to work with markers and watercolors,” she explains. “When I work with digitals, I use Photoshop and Procreate with an iPad to make it easier.” She has also interestingly experimented with OpenAI: instead of writing prompts, she uses her art. “I submit my drawings, and then I regenerate my drawings.”

Diela fell in love with the NFT art space because she saw it as a breakthrough for digital artists. She says: “I think it’s really great for digital artists to authenticate and certify their works.” Those concepts provided the opportunity for her to co-found Metarupa…

Metarupa is Indonesia’s first NFT community founded by several digital artists. It is an NFT community and consultant agency for MetaArtists and galleries willing to embark on the Metaverse journey.

She believes Indonesian NFT artists have a big obstacle, which is that art collectors in her region have an antiquated way of thinking and perceiving art. “I think the problem is, in Indonesia, the traditional collectors don’t want to collect digital art.” But, with the NFT art space growing and evolving daily, this will soon change. More power to Diela and Metarupa!