Born and raised in Brazil, Thales Machado, a.k.a. omentejovem, is a digital artist with a vision to share his stories and perspectives through his vibrant art.

With a background in design, omentejovem discovered the world of NFTs when he saw fellow Brazilian artist Etiene Crauss selling his digital pieces on SuperRare. From that moment on, omentejovem was drawn to the potential for artistic independence in the web3 space and has since become an established NFT artist.

“When I saw Etiene selling his digital pieces on SuperRare, I was exhausted about making designs to live as a digital artist,” omentejovem shares. “I was curious, too: that’s what got me into the NFT space.”

“My biggest artistic influence is just having faith in my vision,” omentejovem explains. “Being curious, learning new things, and just working on your vision is the key to success.”

When creating his works, omentejovem uses various tools, including design software, to bring his vision to life. He is passionate about storytelling and uses his art to express his perspectives and experiences.

“I love how NFT art allows me to buy or transfer digital artworks with just a click,” says omentejovem. He believes that NFT artists have a responsibility to abide by certain standards. He feels that it’s important to be passionate and knowledgeable about their works and understand their art’s impact on the world.

“I’m an artist, not an NFT artist,” omentejovem expresses his feelings. “I want people to know that my focus is on the art and not on the NFT sales aspect of it. I love to create and share my passion. If people collect my works, then it is because they have found something special in it that they connect with. I can connect with that – it is the reason for my artistic expressions.”

Omentejovem is part of the AOTM Gallery (Art of this Millennium), which specializes in contemporary digital art from global artists.