Web3 love. 2 brothers. One Truth.

Pase and Dr. Dax are professional street artists from Zurich, Switzerland, that have been leaving their mark on urban spaces since 1998. They’ve turned to web3 and cryptoart in 2022 and have taken over the space like a pack of wild dogs.

The One Truth Genesis Dog collection comprises 500 unique pieces of hand-drawn Genesis Dogs that allow owners to provide their Genesis Dog NFT with a custom name. The collection sold out fast: it took 10 seconds for all 500 NFTs to be snapped up after opening the waitlist.

As IRL legends of street art, One Truth has been commissioned by countless companies, governments, and renowned art galleries. It is true that the brothers even travelled to London for the 2012 Olympics to represent Swiss art. One Truth has completed work for Google, Red Bull, McKinsey, and many more. They’re among the best-known street artists in Europe and are now turning their attention to the NFT space. At various international art auctions (including NYC, Chicago), our art was traded with greats such as Banksy, Keith Haring, Obey, Cope2, Seen, Vhils, Kaws, Nägeli, and more. Since 1996, Pase has made illegal graffiti art in Switzerland’s underground scene. He later introduced his brother Dr. Drax to it. Dr. Drax was also very active artistically. For the One Truth brothers, street art gave them self-confidence, a space for expression and, initially, a protective anonymity to explore their art and creativity.

The mission of their NFT art is to build a successful and sustainable web3 venture and make One Truth accessible to more people. “It’s not just a picture of a dog; it’s the gateway into the One Truth ecosystem. The genesis collection represents One Truth’s signature character, OneTruthDog. Each dog has a custom name, which its first owner minted.”

Web3 presents unlimited opportunities for creatives, and for One Truth, it helps to preserve their art. “NFTs are a path for our artworks to become eternal. They can be destroyed in real life but can’t be destroyed on the blockchain.”

NFTs also mean they can reach a far wider audience through their art. “Traditional (fine) art has a different audience than the web3 space, and we like that: it challenges us and gives new inputs. We’re freer and more independent. We don’t need direct gallery representation to reach our collectors.”

Let your dog off its leash to explore with One Truth!