Vidhu Raghavan


“I get inspired by Mother Nature, the universe, our planets, the cosmos, and the galaxies.”

Vidhu Raghavan creates spellbinding art pieces that often depict the fragile consciousness of our universe. Born and raised in Dubai, Vidhu initially pursued an engineering degree. He changed career paths several times, initially first working in the banking sector before finding himself in the medical industry. Due to the nature of his work, Vidhu found himself without a job when the pandemic hit. Under immense pressure, he turned to art as a form of meditation to help him deal with his circumstances. Sharing his artwork on Facebook and Instagram, Vidhu connected with several other creatives who influenced his artistic journey in various ways.

First hearing about NFTs from a friend in 2021, Vidhu joined Foundation and minted his first piece the same year. When viewing Vidhu’s dreamy artworks, it is very apparent that he draws a lot of inspiration from nature. He elaborates: “I get inspired by Mother Nature, the universe, our planets, the cosmos, and the galaxies. I’m inspired by God as well. When I mean God, I mean consciousness – the light that is everywhere, all around us. Beyond space and beyond time.”

Passionate about geometrics, Vidhu uses fractal programs to make fractal art pieces and 360-degree VR simulations. He has also embraced AI to a large extent, using it to create mesmerizing artwork. Predicting how the NFT space will evolve in the next three to five years is not easy. Regardless, Vidhu is very certain about its future. He says: “The future of the blockchain looks very bright. I predict a mass exodus from web2 to web3 coming soon. The blockchain is definitely going to become mainstream. People in the space will become kinder and more supportive of one another.”

2023 promised to be a productive year for Vidhu, who not only has various new projects in the pipeline but was also invited to exhibit at NYC NFT 2023.

Vidhu Raghavan