Marco Mori


“I love experimenting with new tools and techniques, preferring weird over normal and always adding a bit of humor to my works.”

Marco Mori, also known as macomoroni, has perfected the art of bold brilliance. This German-born creative, (Marco Mori, IRL) entered the NFT space with a slew of confidence, releasing his genesis drop, a deviant piece entitled ‘Arachnophobia’ on SuperRare in November 2020. The piece was swiftly swooped up by a big name in NFT circles, FEWOCiOUS. macomoroni instantly shot to NFT fame!

At a time when the blockchain was flooded with substitutable designs, Marco’s kinetic artwork was hailed as a breath of fresh air. His artistic astuteness is apparent in all his work, earning him the respect of his peers and collectors alike.

Majoring in interactive media studies in Augsburg, Marco relishes in his ability to create thought-provoking 3D designs that evoke fluid emotions in people. His flamboyant body of work on the blockchain, which includes titles such as ‘Hapephobia,’ ‘Paintball,’ and ‘Eruption,’ attests to his irrefutable talent. “I love experimenting with new tools and techniques, preferring weird over normal and always adding a bit of humor to my works,” shares Marco.

His defining project is CREEPTURES, a collection of unique, hand-sculpted and hand-painted 3d monsters. “CREEPTURES are created from scratch, without using any premade assets or templates; they are sculpted on an IPad with Nomad and then brought to life inside Houdini by adding more details, motion, textures and light,” Marco explains.

Marco has great admiration for the underlying blockchain technology. He waxes lyrical: “I love the transparency. You can check everything on the blockchain. I can see who transferred what to who and at what price. It makes it a lot easier to spot dubious dealings.”

With technology continuing to evolve at an almost-frightening pace, Marco recognizes that learning is a life-long endeavor and believes in the importance of garnering a solid understanding of tech surrounding NFTs and the blockchain in general.

What is the biggest hurdle traditional artists face when shifting to web3? According to Marco, it is misinformation: “There is a lot of misinformation out there. Take the environmental issue, for example. People say that you burn a whole forest when minting a single art piece. Even though the contradictory proof is available, people still believe it. They need to educate themselves better.”

Although Marco’s concepts are wildly unique, he draws inspiration from the likes of Esteban Diacono who not only served as a creative catalyst but also aided in the smooth web3 entry that Marco enjoyed.

Marco Mori