Loulan Weu is an Interior Architect from Thailand, passionate about drawing colorfully detailed fantasy animation scenes related to architecture.

She joined the NFT space in late 2021 to share her art and express her creativity. Since minting her first artwork on the blockchain, her art has bloomed in popularity. She’s won a art content and was invited to join the Capsule House Project.

“I love the NFT space for the support it provides to artists and collectors from around the world. Being an NFT artist isn’t easy. We must learn to be patient, strong, and ride the rhythm of life – and keep creating.”

Her advice for artists wanting to dive into the NFT space? “I’d recommend you be yourself; focus on your unique style; engage with the community and connect with other artists and collectors who love the same kind of art as you.”

Loulan’s images draw you in and lure you into explore her creations. The level of detail is fascinating!