“You need to go into your direction, and you need to love your craft and your mind and feed your brain with the things you like.”

Karisma’s work can be described as dark and expressive, burgeoning emotion out of the viewer and offering an intimate part of his soul through his artwork. As an artist, he is using his platform to not only inspire within the spaces he occupies but to foster community and authentic creativity.

Karisma, a digital and traditional artist from Italy, expresses having a great love for the art world and works with mixed mediums. He transitioned into the world of web3 in 2017, where he learned the basics of the art form from fellow creatives on YouTube. He then started doing his own videos for Italian viewers.

Prior to entering the Web3 space, Karisma was represented by a creative agency, and his work was regularly displayed in exhibits across Europe, in places such as Budapest, Milan, and France. Despite feeling honored, he also felt somewhat stifled and unsatisfied, and his move to web3 felt like a natural progression.

For artists working in web3, the space allows for more room and breathability. While there definitely are people who follow the trends of popular artists and what’s moving the market, Karisma moves at his own pace, in his own style, and encourages others to do the same. He explains: “You need to go into your direction, and you need to love your craft and your mind and feed your brain with the things you like.”

For Karisma, numbers aren’t what’s important, but rather the experience of being an artist in this space that allows for more freedom and growth both financially and creatively. “I like when you grow as a person, as an artist, and you expand your vision, your art starts expanding,” Karisma shares. “That’s the growth I’m talking about. Everything else will come with that – the people interested in your work, money, and other opportunities.”

Connectivity and connection are everything in the web3 and NFT community. Karisma communicates primarily on Twitter and his Discord server. He values collaboration and encourages this through his platforms. “You can truly have life-changing conversations with people that you have just gotten to know. I love to have this little space when we all know each other and we can start interacting like friends.”

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