Noah Kocher


“If you have doubts as an artist – we all do – then you must push through those; that’s where the magic happens.”

“My art has been described as being familiar, almost like a forgotten dream, and that’s exactly what I try to create.”

Noah Kocher (a.k.a. NoKo) is a multimedia visual artist raised in Tennessee and now living in Brooklyn, New York. His artworks range from abstract painting, film photography, collage, and digital manipulation to express himself. Since his leap into web3 and the NFT space, his art has gained tremendous attention, enabling Noah to focus full-time on his passion.

It wasn’t always that way, though. During school, he never had a sense of direction or a calling. At community college, he hated his classes. It was then that he began to doodle in his notebooks. He moved out of his parent’s home and into a nearby apartment with a roommate in Chattanooga, Tennessee. “That’s when things began to happen,” Noah shares. “I began to make full illustrations and artworks. Those soon turned into paintings. And after a couple of years, my paintings became collages. These collages turned into these weird surrealistic, liquified versions of collages. My art has grown and changed so much over the years – as has my confidence and self-exploration.”

His artwork is unique, striking, and emotive. Everything is intentional. He loves taking pre-existing images – such as magazine materials – to create something new. His collages are his signature pieces, as are his liquified renderings. The creative process is as much a part of the artwork as the output.

He discovered NFTs when he stumbled across the artworks of Jonathan Wolfe and Fewocious. Noah decided to attempt NFTs, too. The NFT space embraced his style, and he embraced the space with his love, appreciation, and abstract artwork.

“Web3 changed my life; I can now make a living from my art and passion,” Noah says. “I’ve learned that being authentic is key to this lifestyle and art. If you have a genuine love and passion for art, and that’s the only reason you need to make art, then that’s all that really matters. Follow your intuition and passion, and you will see that things will start to align for you. If you have doubts as an artist – we all do – then you must push through those; that’s where the magic happens.”

Noah Kocher