Maya Shay


“I’ve learned so much on this space, Web3, the community, and blockchains, and I truly believe this is the future!”

“I paint human emotions and feelings in various conditions depicted mostly by portraits,” Maya Shay, an Israeli artist, shares her inspiration. “I want the viewers to understand the characters’ state of mind and emotions just by looking at the paintings as if the painting is telling their story.”

Maya Shay is a self-taught artist whose passion for art has led her to new frontiers in the NFT space. Her work is a fusion of different genres and styles, drawing inspiration from artists like Frida Kahlo, Willem de Kooning, Salvador Dali, M.C Escher, and Pablo Picasso. Maya’s style is primarily cubist, allowing her to explore her subjects’ innermost depths without any boundaries or rules.

Her journey into the NFT space began in early 2021, and she has since become an avid contributor to this rapidly evolving community. She says: “I’ve learned so much on this space, Web3, the community, and blockchains, and I truly believe this is the future!”

One of Maya’s defining projects in the NFT space was her celebration of inspirational women as part of her cubist FOLDS collection. The project was a testament to her love for the NFT community, which she describes as “built from artists and collectors believing in the same cause and helping each other.”

For Maya, the most significant advantage of NFT art is its accessibility: “How easily accessible it is and the recognition it gave to nonstandard, less classic artists,” she says. “As an introvert, I’ve learned to make connections and to be a part of a community,” says Maya. “I’ve leaned on Web3 and different types of blockchains.”

In the next five years, Maya sees NFTs becoming a significant part of society, integrated into everything non-fungible, including patents and all types of arts.

“I will always surprise you,” says Maya with a smile. And, that is what makes her such an exciting and dynamic artist. Through her mastery of cubist styles, her exploration of the innermost depths of human emotions, and her commitment to the NFT space, Maya Shay is a true master of the art of NFTs.

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