“My goal as an NFT artist is to create work that connects with people on a deep, emotional level and to bring joy and inspiration to their lives.”

From Indonesia, with love: Uyo66 is a talented NFT artist known for captivating and playful creations filled with bold color, character, and humor. Uyo66 first got interested in the NFT space in 2022, inspired by the technology’s limitless creative possibilities. “I was fascinated by the idea that I could create a piece of artwork that was truly one-of-a-kind and could never be replicated,” they shared.

Their defining project to date has been their series of animated characters, which have been hugely popular with collectors and fans alike. “I love how NFT art allows me to bring my characters to life in a way that just wasn’t possible before,” says Uyo66. “It’s so exciting to see how people connect with them and form emotional bonds with these little creatures. It’s amazing to see how people respond to my work and how it touches their lives.”

In the web3 space, Uyo66 is a big admirer of artists who are passionate, supportive, and reward-oriented. “I love being part of a community where artists are encouraging each other and helping each other grow,” they say. “I’ve learned to make art that I love and am passionate about and to constantly improve my skills and interact with other artists and collectors.”

Uyo66 cites the rubber hose cartoons of the 1930s as one of their biggest artistic influences, and this is evident in their work, which often combines elements of pop art, illustration, and animation. “I love how Lance Inkwell’s work is so playful and bright,” says Uyo66. “I try to channel that same joy and fun in my work.”

When it comes to the artistic process, Uyo66 says that everyone’s approach will be different, but for them, it starts with sketching and planning. “I love how NFT art allows me to bring my characters and my imagination to life in a truly unique way,” they say. “I like to play around with different designs and characters until I find one that really speaks to me. From there, I’ll start working on the final piece using digital tools like Adobe Illustrator and Procreate.”

As a collector, Uyo66 says that they like to collect works that are unique and meaningful and that they can connect with on a personal level. “I love discovering new artists and their work and seeing how they bring their unique vision to life,” they say.