“I know this is probably inevitable, but I’d like to see a community that cares more about art rather than chasing hype.”

Idil Dursun is a digital artist from Ankara, Turkey, with a deep passion and love for art. “I don’t remember exactly when I became interested in art for the first time,” she recalls about her first memories of art. “Since I was about four years old, I’ve loved painting. I tried different mediums, all very amateur. In middle school, I mostly painted landscapes with acrylics and oils. Some of those paintings are still on the walls of my parents’ house.”

Video games and cyberpunk culture have influenced her life and art. But, when Instagram exploded, Idil recognized the platform’s ability to bring art to new audiences. She says, “I realized how impressed I was by concept art with huge buildings and dystopian scenes. When I was in high school, I started playing World of Warcraft, which made me want to be a concept artist,” she says. A lover of those works, she felt it wasn’t enough for her just to observe anymore – and it sparked her to create them herself.

Idil went to college to study architecture. During her studies, she began experimenting with shapes and lights to learn how to make cyberpunk scenes. By her second year of studies, she had decided to become a professional concept artist. In her senior year, she started practicing 3d software to build her own world-building scenes. After college, she went to work in an architectural visualization office. There, she learned design technology and started making her own ideas for a ‘world of the future.’

She believes it is essential for artists to always feed themselves with new art to expand their vision. Idil says: “The community helped me grow so quickly in the space, and I think most of the artists have the same thoughts as me because we really help each other. “With Web3, there is no middle man, so you have to do everything yourself and be able to talk to your collectors and friends.”