“Unclepennybag$ finds great joy in curating art collections for community members at affordable prices.”

Unclepennybag$ has earned the reputation of an esteemed collector, curator, and overall trailblazer. An early crypto adopter through Bitcoin, his interest in Ethereum stemmed from what he observed occurring in the NFT space. Professing to not having a single artistic bone in his body, Unclepennybag$ was attracted to the novelty of the technology and its decentralization at first, as opposed to crypto art itself.

Due to its historically closed ecosystem, he only dabbled in traditional art collections. Trying his hand at collecting PFPs in the NFT space first, he learned valuable and sometimes expensive lessons. Not to be deterred by the setback, Unclepennybag$ shifted his attention to art, bringing him more lasting fulfillment.

At this stage, he started having meaningful art-centric conversations. He was fascinated by the idea of connecting directly with artists and gaining access to high-quality, investment-worthy pieces unencumbered by the rigid architecture of the traditional art ecosystem.

There are numerous obstacles standing between the blockchain and mass adoption by traditional artists and collectors. People who are inherently skeptical of cryptocurrency will not be interested in minting artwork on the blockchain. A lack of tech-savvy is another concern, according to Unclepennybag$, who stated that most of the people he introduced to NFTs had virtually no knowledge of the space beforehand.

He has, however, noted a distinct generational shift in technological adoption over the last two decades. With more people being brought up in the digital era, they are naturally more comfortable with novel technology.

One of the hottest topics at the moment in creative circles is AI. Unclepennybag$ is still of two minds about its use in art. He explains: “I find the subject very interesting. I think, in time, the use of AI will become more widely accepted, but there is definitely a lot to learn. If you have a powerful vision, it can benefit you in many ways.”

At the helm of a small community, Money Never Sleeps, Unclepennybag$ finds great joy in curating art collections for community members at affordable prices.