“It’s only up from here, I can’t wait to show the world what’s possible.”

Although his name is deeply rooted in ancient history, Mediolanum’s art stands in stark contrast to it: vivid, relevant, contemporary. It portrays universal concepts and the inherent complexity of humanity in a mesmeric manner.

Having curiosity for all things technology, entering the NFT space was a very natural progression for the artist.

Releasing his genesis drop ‘Martyrdom’ in March 2021 was the first step towards blockchain acclaim. The piece depicts the human anatomy in a striking, almost volatile manner. Despite getting rave reviews from his peers, he deems two of his other pieces, ‘Why Do I Feel Nothing’ and ‘Accepting all My Flaws’ as his personal favorites.

While he has a deep appreciation for digital art, Mediolanum remains in awe of the depth and texture you can accomplish in physical art. He describes his artwork and artistic approach: “I create art that portrays universal concepts, emotions, and the complexity of human nature.”

A first-generation Bangladeshi American, Mediolanum’s sources of inspiration are contrastive and includes the likes of Da Vinci, Rothko, Francis Bacon, Wong Kar-wai, Margiela, and Rei Kawakubo. He aspires to constantly create art that he can be proud of while pushing his own artistic boundaries.

Mediolanum foresees a bright future for himself and his peers. “All these amazing artists that I really came up with, I truly believe we’re the leaders of the new generation, and I think people should just pay attention. It’s only up from here, I can’t wait to show the world what’s possible.”

As an avid collector, he also believes in supporting his peers. He explains: “I think I’m always going to collect. At this point, it’s mainly about being able to own a piece from all the friends who’ve helped me along the way. I also own art from artists who aren’t in my inner circle. That’s my way of showing support within the space.”