Claire Silver


“AI isn’t going to go away. This is the beginning of something transformational for our species.”

Claire Silver is one of the most famous artists in the NFT world. Talented, creative, and outspoken, she is also a pioneer in the AI art space. She describes herself as an ‘AI Collaborative Artist, Cryptopunk enthusiast, and NFT believer.’ We’re believers in the powers of her mesmerizing art!

One of her most significant collections – profoundly shaping the digital art world’s perspectives on AI tools – is ‘AI Art is Not Art.’ “AI Collaborative art is a new movement facing criticism for lacking artistic value and skill,” she shares. “This collection challenges that notion by drawing on art history and using accessible tools to create unique collaborations with AI. Taste is the new skill.”

Her creative process draws from her extensive talents in different art mediums: she uses and combines oil, acrylic, GAN (Artbreeder), Procreate, collage, and photography. Of course, Claire believes in utilizing AI as another tool in her process: “It’s very important to me to only use accessible AI tools because I think that’s revolutionary and what the future is. AI isn’t going to go away. This is the beginning of something transformational for our species.”

Not only is Claire a renowned digital artist in the NFT space, but she is also the founder of ACCELERATE ART. With an emphasis on digital art and new media, the nonprofit is dedicated to fostering the development of emerging art forms. Founded in 2021, ACCELERATE ART’s goal is to create a supportive atmosphere for the growth of the artistic practice, offer artists resources, and encourage thought and discussion about art. Its mission is to promote art’s cultural, historical, social, and political significance through exhibitions, public interaction, educational programming, and job possibilities.

Besides promoting emerging art forms through ACCELERATE ART, Claire has also done so in the physical realm. “I made a contest with Ethereum and gallery exhibition prizes for AI art to push the boundaries,” she shares. “It got thousands of entries, 300,000 or so views, and it did so well. So then I had a second show two months later. The winners of that one went to Scope Art Festival at Art Basel.” Claire worked with Superchief Gallery to put the artworks up at the entrance of the Scope Art Festival.

Incredibly, Claire’s also a featured artist in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)’s permanent collection.

Keep an eye on Claire’s incredible art and follow her as she continues to break boundaries in the AI art space.

Claire Silver