Better Education For The NFT Nation

Learning and becoming an NFT collector this past year has been a fantastic journey thus far. The NFT space is still in its infancy; it is so early that we have only just begun to explore and test the waters of what NFTs will be used for in the future.

NFTs are undoubtedly the way of the future. Even as they are just getting started as a tool and platform, it is clear that there are many meaningful use cases for this technology to impact the world. Currently, there is a lot of misinformation and assumptions surrounding NFTs and the broader space, which comes down to a lack of education. Once people understand the true meaning and potential of Non-Fungible Tokens and become adequately educated, mass adoption will happen faster. That’s when the true potential of NFTs will emerge.

Education is the single biggest obstacle to mass adoption and future development of this space. The most important advice I can share with people wanting to dive into the NFT space is to be a hands-on learner, research, and learn as much as possible from reliable sources. It is up to the people in this space to onboard newcomers with support, information and education.

Through my social channels, which have an audience of more than 100,000 people, I educate and inspire thousands of people to learn more about crypto and NFTs – building a community that’s supportive, interactive and engaging moves this space forward. Everyone has a role to play in growing the space.

I think NFTs present the most significant opportunity of our lifetime. Web3, blockchain and NFTs will revolutionize how we work, play and interact. There is endless opportunity for NFT use cases and those coming into the NFT space. The rise of NFTs is a chance to be a part of innovation.