Stacks is 23 years old and a little bit of a techno-shy. That’s not an insult against this Los Angeleno artist, but rather rocks the stereotype of Gen Zs in the web3 space. Instead, Stacks is an artist that’s passionate about creating and sharing his art with the world. The blockchain and NFTs empower and enable him to express himself to new audiences and build communities.

“I’ve been making art my whole life,” he shared. “I started doing collages in 2019 and sharing them on Twitter. People liked it a lot, and I started building a small community. I only started exploring the NFT space in 2020 but minted my first artwork in 2021. I’m not too comfortable with the technology yet – I’m learning all the time, and my community and friends are teaching me on the daily.”

That’s the best part of the web3 experience for Sebastian, a.k.a. Stacks. “Being part of a larger community keeps me inspired. Seeing all the amazing art on the marketplaces inspires me to do better with my own art and motivates me to work harder – and it also helps me find likeminded people that find the same artwork and concepts exciting.”

He explains: “For all artists in web3, communities are important. Even for one-of-one artists, you need to grow a community. You need to connect with people, support each other and identify people with the same intentions you have. It keeps you genuine.”

Stacks’ one-of-one collages are bold, very eye-catching, and thought-provoking. Each item is selected for massive impact – together, it tells a story. These are hand-made artworks, digitally scanned and then minted on the blockchain.

Is support important to a one-of-one artist for creating art? “It is super important. As collectors, you buy the art you love. You also buy the art that you think will be more valuable in the future – and that means supporting the artist and investing in the artist’s future.”

He believes that the future of the NFT space will see more one-of-one artists. Those artworks are closer to traditional art and stand a better chance of increasing in value – like conventional pieces.