No barriers. No standards. No protocols. Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and NFT spaces have boundless potential for equality, empowerment, and inclusiveness. For many, that environment may be scary. For the adventurous, it presents a tremendous opportunity.

What’s the biggest hindrance to the broader adoption of NFTs? A lack of education fundamentals and trustworthy resources. It creates an imagined obstacle. Not many people – women particularly – know about the potentiality of the blockchain, let alone what it actually is and does.

NFTs are more than ‘mere’ PFPs. There’s no manuscript or a How-To guide for what NFTs are or can be. In fact, every single NFT project should come with an educational component. It is important to have platforms where women can ask questions without feeling judged, knowing they’ll get a helpful answer and not be scammed or shilled is essential. If women enter the space without understanding it, they’re not likely to be as successful.

At first look, this can all seem very intimidating. I’ve learned that there really are no barriers to entry. Regardless of your technology capabilities, you’ll find that the curiosity, enthusiasm, and skills you already have are actually enough to forge a path into this NFT world. It is enough to participate meaningfully in this exciting space – and you’ll never stop learning while you absorb yourself in the communities and projects surrounding you.

One way to overcome this is to build diverse educational resources. There’s no single way of teaching or learning in life. People learn in different ways. Other voices have the power to reach wider audiences in more impactful ways. It creates an authentic community through equality, empowerment, and inclusiveness.

There are a lot of spaces and resources being created for women right now – and these fantastic projects are pioneering the way forward for women in Web 3.0. However, they’re just not easy to find for people to know about them. Newcomers need to be able to find authoritative and trustworthy resources in the space for their safety and development in the NFT world. That’s an essential aspect of creating an NFT project. It isn’t built in a vacuum: it is about community. We learn together; we fail together; we succeed together.

The thing is, the most significant aspect of NFTs right now is that it is an equal playing field. There is no NFT university. No one’s an NFT expert yet. It is a space in which everyone is still on the ground floor. It is massively exciting. There are endless opportunities out there. Women need to grab them.