Kristopher Shinn

A Timeless Craft

“As an artist in the NFT space, I’ve been very lucky to have a fair amount of success. I’m so grateful.”

Kristopher Shinn is a photographer living in Seattle, Washington, but is based in web3. He’s gone full degen – and the space is all the better for his incredible art and community contributions.

“When I was in middle school, my parents bought me a Canon PowerShot digital camera,” he recalls. “I took some photography classes in high school. I learned more about how to develop film in a darkroom and how to use Photoshop. I ended up focusing on music for a long time, but then I got a job that required photography, and that got me excited about shooting again.”

He was given a Canon AE-1 that belonged to his father, who passed in 2008. “That camera has a lot of sentimental value, and it gave me the chance to start shooting film, which has been an amazing new path to take.” It was the spark that inspired him to shoot film on ferries, leading to the creation of ‘By Way of Water.’

His work is calm and pure. He shoots most of it on film, with minimal post-processing. He likes to share pictures that are as close as possible to what he saw at the time.

Kristopher’s journey into the NFT world began when his friend, John Wingfield, told him to move from Instagram to Twitter. That shift was all it took for Kristopher’s breathtaking photography to be recognized. On Twitter, he quickly made new connections… And he ventured towards the rabbit hole.

“Judy Lindsay and Daniel Stagner were already in the NFT space when I met them; I turned to them for help when I didn’t understand how NFTs worked,” he says. “I made my first NFT in March 2021 and haven’t looked back since. As an artist in the NFT space, I’ve been very lucky to have a fair amount of success. I’m so grateful.”

He thinks the future for NFTs is bright and that the community needs to drive onboarding people more vigorously. “It is a lot of work, but well worth it: I hope the skeptics will change their minds over time and join us in the space.”

The NFT space is constantly evolving. As for collecting photography NFTs, Kristopher believes collectors will soon start seeing this art form’s long-term value. “Right now, there’s a big push for quick flips, but photography isn’t for that. It’s a timeless craft.”

Kristopher Shinn