A.L. Crego


“He pioneered animating art in 2014 and then transformed his artworks with the powers of the GIF format.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the name ‘A.L. Crego,’ where have you been? The GIF King is one of the most celebrated artists on the blockchain – and IRL – for his mesmerizing artworks and profound projects.

He pioneered animating art in 2014 and then transformed his artworks with the powers of the GIF format. Many artists and brands had commissioned this insanely talented artist since 2014 – before NFTs were a thing. Since 2018, A.L. has been able to create his art and ‘live only for my art.’

In 2018, A.L. was over the moon when Maker’s Place extended an invitation to him to join its platform, enabling him to mint his own work. The rest – as they say – is history.

He has received exemplary reviews for his released series: ‘Hypnotic Machines,’ ‘Visual Beats,’ and ‘Agnostic.’ ‘Agnostic,’ which was born after ‘Hypnotic Machines’ was completed and as he was starting work on ‘Visual Beats,’ has been rated his most figurative work to date and is A.L.’s most expensive series on Tezos. Collectors know value and beauty when they see it!

His most celebrated work is creating and launching a VR gallery with 300 unique gif pieces, called ‘Visual Massage.’ The whole project was designed and created as a virtual space and a web3 site where the 300 pieces are showcased and available to be minted directly into the Ethereum blockchain under a custom ERC721 smart contract.

He explains: “The whole space interacts with the minting process, so when a piece is acquired the frame of the door where it’s being exhibited illuminates and a white window appears in the external side of the room. There are three different ‘h3lix’ with 100 pieces on each one. Since the first day, one is open, but it is not until all the pieces are minted that the pieces in the second ‘h3lix’ are unveiled. The same happens with the third one.” Undoubtedly, an incredible project and creation!

A.L. has enjoyed multiple successes during his time in the space. Another standout project he is particularly proud of involves the creation of the very first NFT book on Maker’s Place, ‘gif.text.’ The book, essentially a 56-page GIF, tells a short story that A.L. penned a few years ago.

What is next for A.L.? We’re excited to see what he creates next!

A.L. Crego