Mr. Shapeless

The Artistic Journey of Mr. Shapeless

Mr. Shapeless is an anonymous NFT artist who’s gained notoriety in the web3 space for his art and his mysterious persona. He creates unique, thought-provoking works that fascinate audiences and advances the frontiers of what is possible in the NFT world.

Mr. Shapeless’ NFT journey began in 2021 when he started experimenting with AI. This new approach deeply affected him, leading him to create an alter-ego to focus on his AI-based art. He has since become known for his signature style, which blends elements of twentieth-century art icons like Kandinsky, Miro, Hockney, Dali, and Magritte with cutting-edge technology.

When asked about his artistic process, Mr. Shapeless shares: “Do what feels right and create without doubts,” he says. “Either this space will shape you, or your art will, and eventually, you will find your spot in the NFT world.”

According to Mr. Shapeless, one of the things he loves most about NFT art is its incredible variety. “The whole scene is absolutely different,” he says. “You can find some crazy good art in every possible genre. Even collectibles like generative 10k collections have evolved into something new and sometimes cool.”

One of the critical lessons Mr. Shapeless has learned as an NFT artist is the power of community: “Try to connect with more people around you. Community is a super powerful tool that eventually leads to success in the NFT world. Be honest, create without hesitation, and try new styles and things until you find ‘your thing’ – your signature.”

As a collector, Mr. Shapeless sees the potential for NFTs to bring in new audiences drawn to digital collectibles. “People from outside see this as a very complex thing, but they are ready to collect,” he shares. “Even the word ‘NFT’ can be scary, but recent events like Reddit and Trump’s digital collectibles have created a massive influx of new people who have never been into crypto and NFTs.”

He believes NFT artists are responsible for creating original, authentic works that reflect their unique vision and style. “If you are ‘stealing’ [inspiration], do it like an artist,” he says. “Take your inspiration and create your own thing that will eventually be different. The creation process is unique for everyone, and if you don’t want to copy, you will never do the same thing as your inspiration.”

Mr. Shapeless