Nathan Beer


“Art for the love of art. Photos for the love of photography.”

Before entering the world of NFTs, Nathan Beer had been working as a photographer, filmmaker, and writer in various industries, such as music, food, and neuroscience. Thanks to his dad and grandfathers, storytelling has been etched into Nathan’s DNA and is widespread throughout his body of artwork. He was exposed to the world of cameras from an early age and has continued to carry on the family legacy. The big difference is that he’s turned it into a career.

“I have been in the blockchain and crypto space since 2017,” he says. “I believed that musicians should earn an honest and fair living and be able to interact more directly with their fans. From there, it was like opening the door to an entire universe of possibilities. Music turned to visual art, and I realized that artists deserved exactly the same.”

This endless well of creativity is one of the NFT world’s most fascinating aspects – for artists and art lovers. It presents a platform welcoming to all creative methods, whether it’s sculpting, glitch art, photography, and more. Having already been captivated by photography for 15 years when he discovered the NFT space, for Nathan, it provided the perfect opportunity to test himself and turn a hobby into a career. “I see the camera as an extension of myself,” he enthuses.

Fast-forward to today, Nathan has worked for the likes of ConsenSys and as both an artist and visual editor at SuperRare Labs. He is now a producer at NFT NOW, a leading web3 podcast and news outlet. “This has allowed me to be at the forefront of telling artists’ stories and the reasons why and how web3 technology can improve our lives, society, and culture.”

Stepping away from his creative skills, Nathan continues to have a positive impact on creating software with an aim to elevate the Metaverse: “In terms of my personal projects, ‘MetaObscura’ was designed to offer a new and innovative way to bring the tools with which we create into the Metaverse. I scanned and minted my Canon AE-1 for use in the various Metaverse worlds. The project aimed to tackle the way photographs are taken, processed, and sold in both the physical and digital worlds.”

As thought-provoking and software-bending as Nathan’s work is, his process and belief are pure: “I align most with Vivian Maier. Her story is one of quiet and serendipitous success. Art for the love of art. Photos for the love of photography.”

Nathan Beer