6529er is somewhat of an enigma in the NFT space. This multidisciplinary artist swiftly gained prominence as part of the ‘6529 Team’ after creating Punk6529’s logo in the summer of 2021. The striking yet unpretentious design catalyzed their genesis drop, the 6529 Gradient Collection: 99 grayscale gradients flanked by the original two black and white images.

Not wanting to rest on their ‘Gradient’ laurels, 6529er, like the rest of the 6529 team, embraces the potential of Web3 and dabbles in creating gripping art that resonates with an often fastidious community.

NFTs have undergone a mammoth transformation since their ideation a decade ago, and 6529er is excited about the future: “One thing is for certain, in 5 years, more people will be using NFTs in their daily lives, in one form or another. Anything else is anyone’s guess.”

What is something about NFT art that 6529er absolutely loves and adores? He shares: “The way blockchain technology can raise art to previously unimaginable levels and the daily interaction with amazingly creative people.”

Although eternal calm seas and smooth sailing might not exist in Web3, 6529er’s ability to foresee potential obstacles takes them one step closer to creative longevity. “Systemic resistance to decentralization is the most serious obstacle we will need to overcome. Contrary to popular belief, WAGMI is not about getting rich; it’s about surviving.”

He recommends that NFT newbies must learn about the NFT market, its people, and types of art. “Take the time to study NFT culture, its values, and its memes,” 6529er offers. “It is the best way to enter the space and be able to create art that resonates with the community.”

Apart from being a multi-disciplinary artist and graphic designer, 6529er is also schooled in the Gestalt principles of design – a psychological framework for the mind’s perception and organization of visual information.

6529er rates minimalism and typography as two of their favorite things and counts the likes of Milton Glaser, Mies van der Rohe, and Armin Hofman among their most prominent artistic influences.