Reuben Wu


“I really just collect art that I love. When I buy a piece, I don’t think about its resale value.”

A multifaceted creative versed in photography, video, and music, Reuben Wu’s mesmeric works of art tell riveting stories about our world. Growing up in England, Reuben remembers fawning over the pages of National Geographic. Inherently introverted, he spent most of his time drawing or exploring nature, where he felt he belonged.

After becoming actively involved in the music scene while at university, Reuben joined a band, signed a record deal, and traveled the world for a decade. It was during his travels that he fell in love with photography. Deciding to take a hiatus from music, Reuben poured his heart and soul into his photography, pursuing his passion full-time.

Previously disinterested in the blockchain, Reuben felt a magnetic pull toward the NFT space at the end of 2020. At the time, photography was a rare commodity in the space. On the encouragement of his friends, he released his genesis drop on Foundation in March 2021.

How does Reuben create the geometric shapes in his artwork? He uses a drone as a flying paintbrush of sorts. The results, which are awe-inspiring, are evident in artworks such as ‘An Irresistible Force’ and ‘Zero Trace.’

As a Renaissance man, Reuben produces both the visuals and the music for his art. He thinks of himself as a one-person production company and believes any potential collaborators have to bring something very different and unique to the table. Finnish digital artist Jenni Pasanen did just that. Their otherworldly collaboration, a 6-piece collection titled ‘Metamorphe,’ is an epic combination of Jenni’s AI art and painting techniques and Reuben’s drone-lit landscapes.

Artists within the NFT space are generally very supportive of one another – and Reuben is no exception. Does he have a particular strategy for acquiring NFTs? He says: “I really just collect art that I love. When I buy a piece, I don’t think about its resale value. There are different types of collectors, though. I, personally, just buy what I love. It is another way to support other artists.”

Reuben Wu